Christmas Wishes!

Yes, it’s come around again and my children have started to reel off long lists of gifts they want for Christmas, having two teenagers and a toddler, I know my bank balance is going to suffer considerably, luckily The Daily Debrief brought to you by Debenhams are kindly hosting a competition to win one of five £100 Debenhams vouchers to help ease the bank balance.

Daniel is 19, so he wants cash, not sure how much he wants, but do you think a fiver would suffice??, lol, he’s also asked for a PS4 game ‘Star Wars, Battlefront..


My middle child, William is 16, on his wishlist this year is a PS Vita with games. (What is it with teenagers and games consoles, wouldn’t mind but he already has a Nintendo DS and a X Box?)


Then there’s the baby of the family, Laura, she will be 3 in February, she a bit too young to be writing a list, so it’s up to me to write her it for her.  She’s obsessed with Minions and Frozen, so her wishlish will be quite easy, I’m going for the Disney Frozen Smartphone, my daughter just loves to chatter, Disney Frozen Colouring Table, she enjoys colouring, she love dancing and singing too so I think this Disney Frozen Keyboard would be just perfect for her, awww and Disney’s Olaf Soft Toy, who couldn’t resist Olaf, he’s just too cute.  I’m also putting Minions GoGlow Tilt Torch on her list, just to mix it up.


Kids Kit Peli Play Pouch Review

We alI know as parents that bathtime is fun when you have a young child, especially when your child has quite few bath toys, I’m not sure about anyone else but Laura’s bath toys end up in one of three places, either stacked along the side of the bath, in the bath or on the floor, so I was quite excited when asked by Hello Baby Direct to review one of their products, the Kids Kit Peli Play Pouch.


As you can see the from the above picture the pouch can hold quite a few toys without looking or feeling ‘weighted’, it has a bright fun coloured lid shaped like a pelicans beak which isn’t heavy, so it’s great for tiny hands, the netted bag makes it easy to drain the toys too but most importantly to keep them clean and tidy.


All in all, its a fabulous, innovative product that myself and Laura had great fun with, and I would highly recommend it to other parents.

Hello Baby stock a wide range of childrens products at great prices you can check them out Hello Baby Direct.

*We were sent the Kids Kit Peli Play Pouch for the purpose of this review, all opinions made are of my own.

Hugh Rice Christmas Competition!

As you know one of my many hobbies aside from blogging is comping, so when Hugh Rice The Jewellers announced here on Facebook that they were hosting a bloggers competition, I, of course jumped at the chance to enter.

The competition requirements are to create a Christmas Wishlist and Hugh Rice will choose a winner at the beginning of December, the prize being one of their very beautiful and elegant items from your wishlist, absolutely amazing prize by the way, but there are just so many stunning pieces to choose from so it’s not as easy as you think. It’s has taken me little over one hour and 50 minutes to choose the items I would love to find under my tree this year.

Hugh Rice have an wide range of eyecatching designer jewellery and watches, for him and for her, Pandora, Michael Kors, Links Of London, Thomas Sabo, just to name a few. You can check out their website here – Hugh Rice The Jewellers

Trudi’s Hugh Rice Christmas Wishlist

Odd Things About Me!

01. Velvet – I cannot stand the feel of velvet, it  makes me shudder…….even the word makes me crease up!

02. I brush my teeth 4 times a day, once BEFORE breakfast, once after breakfast, once after tea and once just before I go to bed! I also brush my tongue!

03. I have to take 3 big breaths before I go to sleep at night……don’t know why?

04. I walk UNDER ladders……..1. because I believe its luckier for me this way and 2. because I can’t be bothered walking around them!

05. The colour brown – It’s just not right…….. again the word ‘brown’, my personal opinion is that it sounds like an ugly colour!

06. One of my many favourite foods is cold chicken with beetroot…….I know what you’re thinking, but don’t knock it til you’ve tried it!

07. I don’t do butter or margarine unless it’s in my mashed potatoes……..dry toast for me in the mornings!

08. Belly Buttons……..Innies, outies, I don’t care………I just don’t like them!

09. I like having my wrist tickled/stroked, it relaxes me!

10. Absolutely hate it when people call me ‘love’ especially if that person is younger than me, ‘love just makes people sound dead old, c’mon now I’m 24 fgs……..ok then I’m 38, just don’t call me ‘love’.