Just Me & Pickle

Well that’s it, its officially just me & Pickle at home during the day now, Mr Walsh goes to work, William went back to school last Wednesday and Daniel has gone back to college, reluctantly like…..you see Daniel left a course last year and has done nothing since, now don’t get me wrong, he did do his fair bit of cleaning and stuff in the house, but with him not being able to claim any benefits & I wasn’t entitled to any Child Benefit or Child Tax Credits for him, keeping him for nothing was really taking its toll on our financial situation.  I felt awful as I told him he better get a job or at least go back to college as I felt like I was forcing him, I know Daniel would struggle getting a job (a permanent job) as 1. TBH, there isn’t many jobs going in our town, businesses are closing left, right & centre and 2. Daniel lacks confidence, he’s a very nervous person which shows when he talks, he panics and stumbles his words.  However I did make him go for one job interview at a well known freezer shop, I figure the more interviews he attends the more confident he might get.  Just hope I am right!!

2 thoughts on “Just Me & Pickle

  1. Hope Daniel is enjoying his new course more than the last one. Has he considered a modern apprenticeship? A lot of colleges run them in all kinds of subjects. Or an apprenticeship with BT or British Gas perhaps? Just a thought!

    • Aww Dolly, He didn’t want to do an apprenticeship, this is what I originally wanted him to do, I wanted him to have a trade behind him, he wants to develop computer games or computer programming of some sort.

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